Saturday, October 19, 2013

Graces halloween costume

This morning I was looking at blogs and then I looked at and she had a craft on how to make fairy wings, and I did it. This is how they turned out. Thank you americangirlfan
 This year for halloween Grace is going to be a fairy!
 She even has fairy dust!
 I made the wings and the dress!
 I got this idea from americangirlfan! She posted a how to on her blog
 The wings are made from ribbon.

 Look how Graces eyes mach the wall
 I added the button to it.
 I love this picture!

 This is a picture of just the wings!
 Look how pretty!
 Can't wait for halloween!
She looks like she is flying
I love her hair in this photo

americangirlfan had a great idea if you want to check out how to make this wonderful wings go to! Happy Halloween

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